Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Header

I'm thinking that today I am going to make a new header for my blog. I think I like this background...might change that up too......not sure....I reserve the option to change my mind. I will say that now that ASF is gone....I miss our smilies...they were so cute and too much fun.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's been a while!!!!!!

So....I'm thinking it's time I started back being the first day of 2010 is a good place to start. I'm praying this is a good year for our family. Looking back over last year just seems rather dark. I can't say that anything bad happened...just a year of many changes and lots of stress.

I am really hoping to get back into digi scrapping. I have missed it...and my friends.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday!

Well, it's just another Monday again, but that is a good thing. It means another chance at having a great week, another day to love my family, another chance to do things that please the Lord (or at least TRY to do things that please Him!). This past week I have really been scrapping a lot for me. I have done several paper pages and finished up a digital page. I have a few more in the works (digital) but they are no where near being done...mostly just in my head right now. But don't you find that you do most of your work there first? At least I do. I like to let things simmer a bit at times. So, I thought I would share the layouts that I have done recently...several of them are for challenges on Lifetime Moments. I thought I would give their Scraptoberfest a go this time around, especially since they said digital pages could count for any challenge that could be done digitally. Figured that would help me get my pages for my album done ;)

This picture is one that Aundy Flynn took several years ago and I have finally scrapped it, and the card that I made from its scraps.

Pictures taken at Strawberry Park, of course, using Cosmo Cricket and lots of stuff from my stash.

And my digi page...I like how it turned out. I used the sketch assigned for Day 3 at LM.

All my layouts are linked to my gallery at ASF where I posted any necessary credits.

I have also been doing Jules' Life Deck are my first set of ATC's for that. They were cards for today, tomorrow and yesterday.

The next assignment (Life Deck) is style...I am pretty sure I am lacking in that area...not sure what I am going to do there...still letting that one simmer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Digi Page for today

Well I am back to doing some digi pages and I guess with a vengeance. Hannah thinks I should go ahead and try to get a book together for the grandparents - good thing they don't read my blog, huh? So I sat down and figured out pages that should be done according to my pictures stored by the month...working from October 2007 until the end of this month (Sept. 08). So here is the first is a picture I did recently in paper also for one of the previous newsletters from ASF.

Here is the paper version:

And here is the digital version:

Both layouts are clickable and are in my ASF gallery with credits.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Hannah!!!!

I cannot believe she is 18 years old today!!!

Here are a few pictures that were taken today with her friends....thought they were cute and had to share!

Tonight we are grilling ribeye steaks - yum! We also made Chocolate PB Squares and Lemon Bars instead of cake and ice cream.

September Club 52

Club 52 met last night...and I thought it would be a perfect way to start trying to blog again. My blogging attempts are like my journal and diary attempts - sporadic at best. One day I do hope to be better.

Anyways, here are the layouts that I did with September's how they all came together.

Here is a link to the thread where all the product and sketches are posted...September Sneaks and Peaks....and below are my layouts that I created with it. I am absolutely LOVING those Making Memories Tiny Alphas...I think I need more

We have 2 kits left from this month - so let us know if you would like to join!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My DVD Cabinet!

Finally I have taken some pictures of this wonderful cabinet! I am so thrilled with it! We looked for years and years to find something like this and finally had Danny custom build this and I painted it black and added the square pewter knobs. As you can see we may have to have him build us another one for a different wall - eegads, we do have a few DVD's huh?

Front view

Side view (It's not wide and we had to anchor it to the wall like a cabinet.)

All 3 doors 0pen - and yes, it is pretty full and notice none of the old VHS tapes that we are still hanging onto (mostly older children's videos for Christin) are in here, nor are any of the XBox or Wii games, nor any of my workout videos or the DVD's that do not work with the TV Guardian.

This summer we have been going swimming with Kim C and her wonderful children! My children have been having the time of their lives and love playing with them! Yesterday we went to the Rez pool and I actually REMEMBERED to bring my camera and TOOK pictures!!! Here are a few to share with y'all (and yes, Kim I will email the big versions of them to you soon!). I am going to have to remember to take more the next time we go swimming - Christin kept making funny faces and the close ups didn't turn out very well....but I really like the bottom one - good thing he didn't get my camera, huh???