Thursday, July 24, 2008

My DVD Cabinet!

Finally I have taken some pictures of this wonderful cabinet! I am so thrilled with it! We looked for years and years to find something like this and finally had Danny custom build this and I painted it black and added the square pewter knobs. As you can see we may have to have him build us another one for a different wall - eegads, we do have a few DVD's huh?

Front view

Side view (It's not wide and we had to anchor it to the wall like a cabinet.)

All 3 doors 0pen - and yes, it is pretty full and notice none of the old VHS tapes that we are still hanging onto (mostly older children's videos for Christin) are in here, nor are any of the XBox or Wii games, nor any of my workout videos or the DVD's that do not work with the TV Guardian.

This summer we have been going swimming with Kim C and her wonderful children! My children have been having the time of their lives and love playing with them! Yesterday we went to the Rez pool and I actually REMEMBERED to bring my camera and TOOK pictures!!! Here are a few to share with y'all (and yes, Kim I will email the big versions of them to you soon!). I am going to have to remember to take more the next time we go swimming - Christin kept making funny faces and the close ups didn't turn out very well....but I really like the bottom one - good thing he didn't get my camera, huh???


Wanda said...

wow - you have a TON of DVD's! The cabinet looks beautiful. You did a great job painting...looks smooth as silk. very pretty.

Robin said...

That cabinet is beautiful. You should start your own dvd rental business!

kim said...

Again, I LOVE your cabinet!!! I think I need to replace the shelves in my dining/computer room with custom cabinets so I can close everything up....right now everything is hanging all out...very cluttered!

Cute pics from the pool JO! I'm going to take my camera tomorrow!

TFS :)

mommysews said...

It is beautiful! You did a super job. I love how classy it looks and it sure is full.

Babydoll said...

Love the cabinet Jo. It looks great!! Boy do you have a LOT of DVD'S!!!

Kaye said...

Beautiful cabinet! I love it!!