Friday, November 23, 2007

New Digi Goodies!

So, I have been working hard at getting some pages done for the albums I am making for Christmas presents. I placed my first order for a printed page at Sam's today and will pick that up later. Figured I may would like to test print 1 page first before I placed an order for, oh say 30 pages x, looking forward to getting that later on today to see how it turned out.

Now onto the New Digi Goodies. I am not one to follow trends or hype...BUT, I saw a post about a new digi designer and of course I had to see what all the fuss was about...oh, my, goodness!!! I am in LOVE with her stuff. So, of course I had to pick up most everything she has available, especially since The Digi Chick (where she is selling) has it discounted 40% right now! Here is a link to her store.... Jofia Designs. And here is my first page I did using her Christmas Warm kit! The only other thing I added to this layout is the frame by Jessica Bolton. And this page is a blatant scraplift of Debbie's (debsterchen at DST) page Joy.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So, no specific reason for a post, which is basically the reason for blogging, right? You don't need a reason, just thoughts...well I have a million random's keeping them altogether that's the problem. Chuck says that I am scatter brained. I asked him why and he said because I always have 100 different things going through my brain at one time. I told him I wasn't scattered brained, that was when you lost all those thoughts and don't remember them. I remember - I just don't have time to get to it all!!! I have to prioritize them!!! So, what is your definition of scatter brained?

Today appears to be a normal Wednesday for us and for that I am thankful! I like normal days because that means I can plan what I need to do during the day and not worry about anyone but our family - that can be nice. I do have a meeting with Rebecca, the mother of our December bride, but that will be a nice chat and we shall get our ducks lining up in a row concerning the wedding. That will be a nice break in the day!

I did do a re-do on a layout the other day. I really like how this one turned out compared to the first one. The pink one is the one is the re-do. They are both in my gallery at ASF.

Also, there is a great deal going on with Jen Wilson Designs...I need to go get my free Christmas kits :) Here is the information in case you are interested in getting one for yourself. The coupon is good until the end of this month. (Shutterfly Blog)

I'll let you know what I get tomorrow - there are 12 different ones to chose from and I already have 2 of them! First I need to figure out which two I have!

Monday, November 5, 2007

I scrapped today!!!

I just had to scrap today. Well actually I started this layout yesterday, but I finished it up today. It was lots of fun to play with some of my new goodies that I acquired this weekend from DSD (Digital Scrapbook Day) Sales. It was just the thing to get my creative side going again! You can click the image for the credits...but don't you just LOVE those big sloppy bows by Natalie Braxton??? I fell in LOVE with them!

Oh, and the wedding went very well. We even got offered a few jobs from it, but we promptly turned them down. I really don't think it is something I would want to do very often. We have another wedding coming up the end of December. Actually it is on Caleb's birthday, poor fellow. He is used to his birthday being moved around since it falls so close to Christmas anyways, so this won't be any different I suppose. I vote we celebrate after the wedding!