Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Official!!!

I am so excited! I have been chosen to be on a Digital Creative Team! I love doing digi pages and am always looking to improve my skills so this is a dream come true! So, the digital team that I am joining is Treasures to Scrap AND they are opening a brand new digi store! How cool is that???

And here is my official digi CT Blinkie - my very own to proudly wear!

Here is another quote to ponder.

"It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer. You need less imiaginatio to be an painter, because you can invent things. But in photography everything is so ordinary; it takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the extraordinary." ~David Bailey

I love good photographs and wish I took better ones. I need to remember to grab the camera even more than I do. I love the shots where you feel like you are peering into another world and it's not a posed picture.

So, now onto thoughts about today. I think I may have mentioned that I am coordinating two weddings this year. One is at the end of October, the other the end of December. Today I have to make sure some things are on schedule for the October one. I also need to grocery shop. I HATE grocery shopping and it happens once a week now. I used to be able to shop every two weeks and I liked that better. However, now with a family of 6 I fill one cart each time I go. If I went for two weeks I would need 2 carts I would think...not happening. This vertically challenged person has a hard enough time pushing 1 full cart around, so once a week shopping it is. I also do not think I would have enough freezer space for a two week shopping trip-but that is another topic for another time...sigh...I miss my deep freeze!

Tuesday, and it's newsletter day....

So I have been working on that most of the day and you can read it here. As usual the ASF DT did a wonderful job putting it together! I actually have 2 layouts in this newsletter and they are my final assignments for the rest of the year. Glad and Sad at the same time, KWIM? Here they are.

I love quotes, do you? Sometimes they say just the right thing without me having to think it up on my own. Here is one that I just love!

"Keeping house is like stringing beads with no knot in the end of the thread." ~unknown

Isn't that so true? There is always something to be done around the house. The laundry is never ending, dishes are always being used, dust collects quickly and the floor gets dirty faster than I can blink.

I have so much to do on my list today. I need to remember "to just do the next thing!"

Well with that thought in mind I shall waste no more time on this today....Off to do the next thing! (which very well is probably laundry!)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's OVER!

The weekend that is, officially I have 1 hour and 45 minutes left as I type this sentence. It has been a good one though for me personally. Nice family time, scrapping time thrown in there too and the house was cleaned and stayed that way and the laundry is caught up (or it was.)

Friday I ordered Caleb's and Micaela's books for school, so they should be here soon. Hannah's already are and we have gone through them and sorted for the first two 9 weeks (all her tests and quizzes). So she is ready to start any time, although I think mentally she still wants a break.

I did do a layout today...struggled with it for quite a while, still not 100% pleased, but it is finished and I am going to move onto something else tomorrow. Clicking it will take you to the credits.

So now that my weekend is officially over I guess I should start planning my week. I do have two weddings to be thinking about coming up here soon. The first one is in October, the ceremony is at a church, but the reception is outside. So I need to start calling around and finding out rentals on outside equipment. We will at least be able to use the kitchen at the church, but that is 10 minutes away, so it will still be a bit to organize. At least I will have wonderful help - Sheila and Gloria. The other wedding is not until December, but that one is in full force with the planning also and it is coming together. Anyways...I am sure I will be doing things with that this week.

Hannah's piano lessons got changed to Thursday nights and that will work better for us as a family. So I am looking forward to not having to go anywhere tomorrow.

I took a nap this afternoon, so even though I am not tired I guess I had better make myself go to bed...or I WILL be tired in the morning...guaranteed!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday - half the weekend GONE!

Why is it that the weekend goes by much faster than the week?

To be fair though I have gotten quite a bit accomplished today. I have done 2 paper layouts for the ASF Newsletter. A bit happy and sad there. I am stepping down from the DT as far as doing assignments for the newsletter. I will still be there as a coordinator and behind the scenes gal. So these will be my last official assignments to do for the rest of this year. Kendria will be taking my place and she does AWESOME work!

I did manage to snap a few everyday photos so far this weekend too! Caleb and Micaela BOTH lost a tooth yesterday, how funny is that?? Here are the pictures!

Of course Christin couldn't be left out and had to have her picture taken. She was too funny last night too when Micaela's tooth came out. Her mouth was bleeding too and hurt and her tooth was gone...Mommy see!!! She is a character, that one!

Well not much more exciting has happened here today. Chuck did get a chance to come home for lunch today since he was working our area today! That was a nice treat! And he is not working too late either, he just called to say he would be home in a few minutes.

So I guess I am off to finish up some more laundry and look for more photo opportunities, much to my children's dismay - but one day when they have so many memories to look back on and cherish they will thank me - of that I am sure!

Well back again...I actually did a quick digi layout and wanted to share it with y'all! Clicking it will take you to the credits.

Friday, July 27, 2007

TGIF!!!! I am looking forward to the weekend!

So yesterday was a crazy, busy day and today was much better! I got to spend several hours with one of my bestest friends and on her birthday. We had lunch at McAllister's...nothing fancy, but it beat Wendy's, McD's and Taco *ell, which were our other options.

We also got a chance to get to the LSS - that is always a treat, even if I have work to do. This time it was just to finish picking DT assignment stuff for one of the DT members.

I found a new to me digi place - Treasures to Scrap and it looks really neat. I liked their template challenge and actually downloaded it last night and completed it this morning before I left.

Here is the layout I did! Clicking it will take you to the credits.

Well my wonderful honey should be home any minute...sure did miss him today! I actually did see him at lunch. He ate at the restaurant right across the street from the LSS and I saw him when he was leaving.

So, one of my goals this weekend is to take some random pictures of my children just being themselves. I don't do that enough.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally I have joined the Blog craze!

So....here it is...my very own blog. Now what to do with it?

Well I guess I could share my latest digital LO....I love how it turned out!

Clicking on the layout will take you to the credits.