Thursday, July 24, 2008

My DVD Cabinet!

Finally I have taken some pictures of this wonderful cabinet! I am so thrilled with it! We looked for years and years to find something like this and finally had Danny custom build this and I painted it black and added the square pewter knobs. As you can see we may have to have him build us another one for a different wall - eegads, we do have a few DVD's huh?

Front view

Side view (It's not wide and we had to anchor it to the wall like a cabinet.)

All 3 doors 0pen - and yes, it is pretty full and notice none of the old VHS tapes that we are still hanging onto (mostly older children's videos for Christin) are in here, nor are any of the XBox or Wii games, nor any of my workout videos or the DVD's that do not work with the TV Guardian.

This summer we have been going swimming with Kim C and her wonderful children! My children have been having the time of their lives and love playing with them! Yesterday we went to the Rez pool and I actually REMEMBERED to bring my camera and TOOK pictures!!! Here are a few to share with y'all (and yes, Kim I will email the big versions of them to you soon!). I am going to have to remember to take more the next time we go swimming - Christin kept making funny faces and the close ups didn't turn out very well....but I really like the bottom one - good thing he didn't get my camera, huh???

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July Club 52

This Friday night Club 52 will meet! It is always a highlight of my month - especially AFTER I have completed my layouts! You can check out the previews and sketches to this months kit here at ASF's Club 52 forum. And here are my layouts for this month's kit. I did try to post this yesterday and Blogger wouldn't let me finish uploading my layouts. Grrrr. I did link my pictures to my ASF gallery if you would like to see a larger image.

On to other things. We have been swimming a lot more this summer. I need to take my camera with me next time we go to the outdoor pool so I can get some good shots to scrap! I have taken some at the indoor pool during swim lessons, so at least I have those.

I am also thinking we need to plan a picnic next week. Not sure where though. We may drive up the Trace a bit or maybe just go to the park over by the Rez. Caleb loves to play in the water there a bit. They are not into playground equipment a whole lot but would rather run around and explore and use their imaginations. Works for me.

I have also been getting my act together with working out again. I find that I absolutely cannot allow myself to walk upstairs and check anything out on the computer before I work out. One thing leads to another and before you know it 30 minutes have passed and it is then already getting too late to workout in a timely manner. 6:30 I am pulling on my workout clothes and popping in the DVD. I bought a new one by Leslie Sansone. I need to check it out to see if I am going to keep it. Collage video is really good for that so I am going to see if they have a write up on it. So far I have been sticking with my Firm workouts, but I do like to vary things up a bit so I don't get bored. The one I purchased at WalMart ($11) is 4 Really Big Miles. It looks like an ok addition (checked it out while I added the links) so I think I will keep it. It will most likely be a good one to do between heavy weight workouts with the Firm.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Closet

My birthday present this year was to redo our walk in closet in our master bedroom. It is not a large closet, but I knew we could definitely do a better job of storage in this area! All we had was a wrap around shelf at the top with two bars running along the sides for hanging. We found the Closet Maid site and were able to put in the actual dimensions for our closet and design it the best way possible for the least amount of $$.

Before we had about 11 feet of hanging space and about 13 feet of shelving. Now we have 17 feet of hanging space and 33+ feet of shelf space!!! I actually have bare areas in my closet!!! AND we really didn't get rid of a whole lot when we cleaned it out!

Here are a few photos! This first one is the left side of the closet.

This one is looking straight in. (see I told you it wasn't a big one!)

The right side of the closet.

My shoe storage!!!

One thing I did notice while we were doing this is that almost all of my dress clothes are BLACK! I really do like the elegance of black I guess, but I am trying to now make a conscious effort not to purchase too many more black dressy items. The red bracket shows you my dressy clothes (I do have a purple skirt in there :) )

Friday, July 11, 2008

Very BAD Blogger!

So the other day Wanda was talking about being a bad blogger - I think I have taken it to a whole new level. I haven't posted since February! No excuses, except I just haven't had the desire I guess. BUT, I am going to try to do better. I seem to think that if I can't post every day then what is the point? But really, is that reasonable??

So, just a little about what is going on in our lives right now. We are on summer vacation from school, although Hannah will be starting back around the 28th of July in order to be done with 12th grade in time for the official graduation in early May. I will most likely start the others just a bit after that because I do want to have them done with their year around the same time.

This summer I have been working on a lot of home projects. Hannah and I painted the living room, hall, foyer and hall bathroom. We cleaned the carpets downstairs and have also done a lot of decluttering and organizing. I still have a long way to go on the organizing part though.

I have gotten my scrap area in better shape and here are a few photos of the ribbon storage that I took. So far I really like it and if a holder gets a little worn I can just cut another one from my scraps - which is what I used. The size I cut the paper was 2.5" x 6", folded in half with a circle punch for the hole. I am thinking of cutting that down to 2" x 6" though for any replacements.

This one is of my ribbons. They are all sorted in the colors of the rainbow.

This one is of my trims and wide ribbon. They are attached with a large safety pin to a binder ring. I also sorted them in rainbow color order. And yes, I did iron all my ribbon as I sorted and placed them in the holders - they just hung neater and I also cannot STAND crinkles in my ribbon when I use it on a layout!

Also this past week I celebrated another birthday. Chuck installed a closet organizer system into our master closet for me. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I so wish I had taken before and after pictures. But since I didn't think about that before we started on it I will just have to share some after ones. First I have to take them - so that is on the agenda today - because I want to scrap my new closet! It is something I have waited for for 6 years!