Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowy Day!

We woke up to snow this morning...what a nice surprise! It has been years since we have seen snow here in the fact it's been since New Years 2001! Micaela was just a wee little girl then and doesn't remember it. She told me this morning that her prayers were answered because it snowed this winter. Too sweet!

Here are a few photos I took today....we really didn't get much at all and at the time I am writing this it has all melted and gone away...but it was great while it lasted.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am "not" Challenge

One of my online scrapping buddies Amy has a challenge going on the ASF Cybercrops and Challenges forum. I thought I would at least try to do this one....although it may end being a digital page since I am trying so very hard to get 5 paper pages done for Club 52 this Friday night (the release date!).

So as a start here the list that I posted in her comments section of her blog. We'll see how many of these I actually USE for my layout!!!

1. I am not a blonde anymore, much to my dh's dismay. Although I am getting more blonde highlights put into my hair tomorrow than I normally do.

2. I am not at my goal weight, but I am actually back to working on it!

3. I am not a "coke" drinker unless it is diet and I prefer caffeine free.

4. I am not a high maintenance girl nor am I low maintenance but rather somewhere in the middle.

5. I am not lazy. I always have some project going on above and beyond my normal everyday chores.

6. I'm not an animal person, but when our dog passes I know I will be so very sad and will miss her. I tear up just thinking about it. She is really getting old!

7. I'm not a loner. I like to have other people in my life. But there are times that I do enjoy quiet solitude.

8. I'm not shy. There was a time in my life when I was painfully shy. I still have moments though that I have to push myself.

9. I am not a writer and do not enjoy writing unless its on a message board to my friends. Or I guess my blog works too. Nothing formal for sure!

10. I am not what I would consider smart or above average intelligence. I do however like to learn and do new things. I never want to be too old to learn!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Long DAY!

So, nothing terrible went wrong today...just a long day with a few twists and turns.

The insurance adjuster did come out and get up on our roof to survey the damage done by the hail stones the other day....and we are getting a new roof. Chuck came home for lunch today - for about all of 15 minutes. His phone never stopped ringing and he had to glup his lunch down and run out the door. They had two cut cables and some fiber mess happen.

School today could definitely have been better. No one stayed on task today - talk about distracted. And Christin, oh my goodness was she a mess today. She was a happy little camper singing most of the day - however one singing made up songs while others are doing school work does not go well - at least not here today. I sure did hate to tell her to be quiet because she is just so happy and cute and doesn't mean any harm with it...just overflowing from her little heart.

Then what I thought would be a simple thing to do in Word Press for the site blog is turning out to be a nightmare. There is supposed to be a htaccess file in the Word Press files - ours is not there. I have made it so I can see hidden files on my FTP and it is still not there...I see the main one on our site, but not the one they are talking about. Anyways....I know next to nothing about htaccess files so I guess I am going to have to do some reading about this and see what I can do. I want the blog to be the main page of our site....anyways, not going to take up this post talking about it...will just have to do some more reading on the subject.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

So, back on the wagon!

I have 14 pounds to lose to make my goal weight...and what have I been doing...well it used to be 10 pounds, so I guess I have been gaining weight! This has to stop. So...I created myself one of my old accountability threads in the weight loss forums that I frequent and I plan to keep myself accountable for everything I do and eat. It's not hard, you just have to be consistent - therein lies my problem!

So here is my new ticker!

I am planning on working out each weekday...nothing radical, just doing something each day to get me back in the swing of things. I will most likely do Walk Away the Pounds dvds...just hate the music and usually I turn the volume down on the tv and play the radio or can still follow along fine just paying attention to the screen!

Ok...anyone notice that I have two music players? Well I can't find all the songs on the bottom player for the top player - but the bottom player won't keep playing (times out) and it won't let you skip around fact it is downright controlling. I love to open my blog page and have music play while I am upstairs or therefore I have two. Anyways....that is my reasoning in case anyone actually reads this and wanted to know why, LOL!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Such a FUN Day!!!

So today we went over to Tony and Sheila's! We had lots of fun as to hang out with them! I even snapped a few pictures (see previous post as to reasons WHY I really needed to snap some) but even so, many times we get together and I never pull the camera out.

We brought the Wii over and everyone had a blast playing different this great shot of Lauran hitting the ball in the tennis game!

And Tony and Hannah actually posed for a picture (Tony's idea - definitely NOT Hannah's but she sure does look pretty! (Of course I am totally biased in my opinion - but then aren't mothers supposed to be???

The Chuck and Lauran traded glasses and I had to get a shot of that!!! It was hilarious!!!

So, not sure if all of these shots will make it into a scrapbook page or not - but I am pretty sure they will be appearing in some form or fashion soon ;)

Yesterday Jules and I met and got a lot discussed as far as some changes coming up with Club 52 and that is under the way. I do have a bit of work to do on that besides my layouts that need to be done.

And I really need to get back on the weight loss wagon. I have fallen off and need to get a hold of this before I gain a lot of weight back. So far it's only about 5-7 pounds (depending on the day) BUT I feel frumpy and old and haggard and I know the reason why is because I am not exercising and taking care of myself like I should. So bottoms up - of my water glass that is and I am seriously going to get some sort of exercise back into my routine every day! I used to work out with dvd's in my bedroom every morning, but the TV in there is on the blink, so that is not an option right now and working out in the living room isn't my first I need to come up with something else ASAP!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long time - no post!

So, I guess when you take a break that long from posting, just exactly what do you say? Hi? I'm back? That sounds so.....lame.

Anyways, Hi, I'm back, LOL

Life has been busy as usual. The December wedding is over (of course since it's now January) and that went fairly well. Learned some lessons along the way as always.

I have noticed as I have been looking for pictures to scrap that I haven't taken hardly any pictures these past few months....and I am in trouble I tell you....I need some pictures to scrap for my Club 52 pages that are due right around the corner. So I guess I had better get the camera out and start snapping some to go on these layouts. I do have a few ideas in mind.

We had terrible weather today. In fact we had hail stones hit the house. Thankfully they only hit on one side and it was the side furthest away from my truck. Every time one of those babies whacked the roof I just cringed inside since I knew I had left my truck in the driveway. I sure didn't expect the weather to be as terrible as that. Of course, after the fact, we found out that the hail was only right around our area!

We did save some hail I may snap a picture or two to share later on.